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The Community Building

90 I Ave.
Nevada, Iowa

Rental Prices 1/1/2021
Rates Half Day
(5 Hours)
Full Day Hourly
Upper Level $375 $750 Not Available
Lower Level $150 $300 Not Available
Both Levels $500 $1000 Not Available

Empty Building Size

The dimensions upstairs are ~98' x 48', and the "kitchenette" area drops to ~42'. The black brace rods that are on the ceiling are 16' from the floor and are 20' long from black brace to brace.

Facility Details
Tables** Folding Chairs
Upper Level 220 people Round and Rectangular 220 chairs
Lower Level 120 people Round and Rectangular 120 chairs
Both Levels 340 people Round and Rectangular 340 chairs

** There are 30 round tables and 14 rectangle tables in the building that can be used anywhere. The rectangle tables are stored in the lower level where the cart is stored. Normally, a cart with 6 or 8 round tables is also in the lower area. The rest of the round tables are in the upper area. The 220 black chairs stay upstairs and the 120 tan chairs stay downstairs. The round tables are 5 foot in diameter and the rectangle tables are 8 foot long.

One half of the rental fee is due with the rental agreement.

A security deposit in the amount of $500 is due no later than 90 days prior to the event. This deposit will be returned if cancelation does not occur with in 60 days of the event and no damage occurs at the event.

The balance of the rental fee is due 7 days prior to the event.

***The Community Building is available for rent the entire year,
EXCEPT one week in July for the county fair.***